Tuesday, 1 March, 2011

Michiana woman creates Invitro App for Apple

Facebook, Twitter and Angry Birds are all popular apps. There are apps for almost anything these days, including an app to help you get pregnant.

Yup, there's an app for that and it was designed for Apple by a mom from Michiana.

The sound of a lullaby is music all people wanting to be parents hope to hear. And it's the ring tone alert you will hear when using Apple's Invitro App called "IVF-Baby in the Making."

Granger mom and designer Kim Konopa was motivated to design an invitro app because she knew the pain of trying to become pregnant, saying, "It was actually a personal experience with invitro fertilization and I just thought the need was there."

So Konopa, who works in sales decided to put her organization skills to work. She did her homework and found a software developer to work with her and her 22-year-old son, JR, who is one of her partners.

She explains how it works.

"The main component is the calendar and, because you're taking so many medications and making so many appointments, we've pre-loaded those into the iPhone app so it's very simple to use. So, let's say you have a doctor's visit. You can put the location in. Let's say you're going to add a medication, you do the same thing. You choose from a pre-populated list of all the medications they could give you."

And because women often feel so alone going through invitro, Konopa has that covered too.

"We built in a blog so that people can kind of get together and share their experiences. We also built in a resources section, things like how to inject, which I was naïve about too at the time."

And since invitro isn't cheap and not always covered by insurance, the application is also practical.

"It has a budget tracker, which allows you to easily enter your invoices so when you enter them it keeps track of the remaining budget and then it just keeps a running balance."

You can also personalize your app.

"It has a photo and journal section so when they hand you your embryo picture, or when you have an ultrasound --a lot of people are excited-- and want to share that. So you can journal about it and share it on facebook or email if you want too."

And in the three months Apple has offered the Invitro App, Konopa says the response has been steady in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Japan.

Konopa says becoming a mother is the best thing that happened to her and she's hoping her app may give other women the same experience.

"I love it. It allows me somewhere to put my energy that's extremely positive and hopefully it helps other become successful in their journey to become pregnant."

Hoping her Baby in the Making app will give more moms-and-dads-to-be their own bundle of joy, with a little help from technology.

Konopa consulted with her own reproductive endocrinologist while working on the invitro app.

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