Wednesday, 26 January, 2011

Sperm donor campaign worth a shot!

A racy ad campaign to fight a sperm donor shortage has had spectacular results for an Adelaide IVF clinic.

Fertility specialist Repromed's "Don't Waste Your Sperm" advertisements, which recently appeared in men's magazine FHM, have led to a thousandfold increase in local inquiries.

The full page advertisement directed readers to an online test which received more than 100,000 hits.

Almost 5000 people completed the survey, with more than 1000 men going on to approach the clinic for more information.

The cheeky campaign urged men to take an online test to assess their donor potential and then allowed them to boast about their results by posting them on Facebook or Twitter.

"Take this simple test to see if your sperm has the potential to father more kiddies than Brangelina," it read.

While numbers of interested men have soared, the exhaustive screening process meant the campaign may have yielded just three possible donors.

"But due to what it entails, and that every donor can provide sperm to 10 families, it is still a really positive result," said medical director Dr Richard Henshaw.

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