Sunday, 19 December, 2010

Triplets land their dad behind bars!

Hong Kong police were on Thursday investigating a surrogacy case believed to involve the son of a land tycoon who recently announced the birth of triplet sons by a California-based woman.
47 year old Henderson Land Company's Executive Director Peter Lee Ka Kit gets double happiness within a month. First it was rumored that he has intentions on acquiring TVB, the news wasn't even been confirmed yet and he's already been promoted to a father of boy triplets, fulfilling his father's 4th Uncle Lee Shau Kee's dream. 4th Uncle even took out HK$1 million to give out to his employees. Also, 4th Uncle's three grandsons are named Lee Chi Sun, Lee Chi Yan and Lee Chi Yung are all very lucky, matching well with their grandfather and father.
Have always kept a low-profile, recently Peter suddenly comes into the spotlight, stealing his sister-in-law and also actress Cathy Tsui's limelight. In 2006, when 4th Uncle's second son Lee Ka Shing married Cathy, he opened his golden mouth and said he wanted a grandson, unfortunately Cathy only gave him two grand daughters.
Peter's 3 sons are born Year of the Tiger, and Peter is a rabbit, born in 1963. According to fortune teller master Mak Ling Ling, rabbit matches tiger very well, the father-son relationship will be really good. The babies were born in July, which makes them the summer tigers, very good fortune. As tigers are loners, but they are triplets and will be very independent. When the triplets get older, they can develop very well on their own. Mak Ling Ling saw the pictures of the triplets, they all have long ears attached to cheeks and wide foreheads, is a face of good blessings.
The 47-year-old millionaire bachelor said the babies had been born in the United States to a surrogate mother but kept the birth mother's identity secret. News reports claimed the surrogacy had been arranged by a Californian surrogacy agent, prompting public discussion and some criticism. Commercial surrogacy, in which a woman is paid to carry and give birth to a baby, is outlawed in Hong Kong.Police have also confirmed an investigation is under way but declined to give further details.
The investigation came to light after lawmaker Cyd Ho raised the issue at a meeting of the Legislative Council Wednesday.
Ho asked Chow if it was illegal for a Hong Kong resident to hire a surrogate mother overseas, referring specifically to a Hong Kong man who had issued a press release announcing the birth of three sons by a surrogate mother in the United States.
In response, Chow pointed out the law prohibited the making and receiving of any payment relating to a surrogacy arrangement regardless of whether it was made or received in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
"While we will not comment on individual cases reported in the media, we can confirm that referral concerning suspected surrogacy arrangements has been made to the police for consideration as to whether investigation and law enforcement action are required," Chow said.