Monday, 15 February, 2010


Roman Abramovich (owner of Chelsea football club in case you didn't know)in the company of Dasha Zhukova and his son Arkadi and three business partners stopped over for lunch at restaurant "Nello" in New York.It was obvious from the start that the high quality and type of food take priority over cost said restaurant owner Nello Balan. Mr Abramovich began his diner with carpachio with white trufles followed by Milan lamb with pasta and parmesan.For dessert Mr Abramovish tried delicious tiramisu. They were drinking champagne and expensive wines. They looked no different than New York tourists said waiter. Drinks included 2 bottles of Chateau Petrus, 3 bottles of La Tache Romanee Conti pinot noir and 2 large bottles (1.5 litre each) chamagne Cristal Rose ($5,000 per bottle). The wine only came to $35,000. Pregnant Miss Zhukov was drinking $16 mineral water. Mr Abramovich face did not change when he saw the bill, said waiter. He only asked if the service was included. The couple sitting at the next table thought they won a lottery. The owner of the restaurant gave Mr Abramovich a soccer ball as memento for being a special client, and suggested he should buy New York Yankees. Mr Abramovich replied - no thanks, I have plenty of problems with Chelsea.Total sum came to $47,000 US in just 1hr and 18min. The bill included 20% tip, however they generously gave waiter another $5,000 in cash.
In total they spent around $52K for lunch. Many people make this in a year: said journalists and advised rapper Jay-Z (who left $1,700 tip in the same restaurant) to "eat his heart out"

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